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Gold Peach Development Corp : One Pavillion Place For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 3,700,000 - 3,738,504 37 sqm

Whatever you do – hustling aday in and out is all for the family. You toil on, embrace all the challenges and hurdle all the obstacles to achieve your goals. Making your dream a reality is what you‘re pushing for.  One of these dreams is having a perfect home to come to after a hard day’s work. 

Home is where the heart is.  It is where love, caring and support all abound. It is where all the heartwarming memories start and end. A place to create new ones but still cherish the old ones.  A home that’s cozy and warm is the best way to start it all. It helps that you are part of a bigger refreshing and vibrant community where conveniences is second to none. A neighborhood worthy to raise your kids and where they can enjoy life as they grow and learn. A healthy, environment where anything is reachable. 

Having a home right here at ONE PAVILION PLACE is a good move. Why? It surely is a worthy and judicious investment. Surely, this place would appreciate over the years. With a good location and  the breakthrough of having the convenience of a mall right in your own area is simply amazing. What else would you look for? It’s all right here --- that’s an opportunity   you would not miss and ignore.  It is available now and all you need is ask for more details from a trusted agent of GOLD PEACH PROPERTIES, the innovative property group in charge of ONE PAVILION PLACE. This company is indeed making its presence felt in the real estate industry. It has the backing of expertise and resources from the renowned GAISANO CAPITAL Group, most popular for developing big malls in various regions in the country, especially Visayas and Mindanao. Isn’t that a reassuring fact for you that you are making a wise decision? 

The fact that this development company has partnered with reputable architectural firm, TVA &P, Inc. as well as ASEC, one of of the leaders in residential, industrial and commercial developments is enough proof that it is truly setting new standards in the city of Cebu by providing their world-class initial venture such as ONE PAVILION PLACE.  It is after all bringing high quality lifestyles to the discriminating taste of the Cebuanos, while still maintaining the affordable costs of their homes within a prime top spot location. How else can you go wrong with that? 

Life is beautiful. Life is what we make it. When we think of all our plans, our dreams and our goals – we strive to reach for them in no time. We are destined to reach new heights in our life and the best way to start counting on our rewards is living in our new world where everything is beautiful, too. Where else?  Let ONE PAVILION PLACE be that home for you as the start for beautiful and fruitful beginnings!

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